For Our Scientists

Travel for Visiting Scientists

Authorization Necessary

Online Travel Request Form (for Visiting Scientist Programs’ travelers only)

All UCAR scientific/business travel must be pre-authorized. Travel that is not authorized cannot be reimbursed without an exception to policy through the UCAR President’s Council. Unauthorized travel is not covered by UCAR Travel Insurance.  Even if you are traveling on business that is being reimbursed by another organization, you need to notify our office in advance so we can issue an authorization “for insurance purposes only”.  Please complete the VSP Online Travel Request Form. This information goes directly to the Visiting Scientist Programs, and you will be contacted within two days regarding your arrangements.

For more info, visit the UCAR travel center.

International Travel

  • All UCAR supported international travel for non-UCAR employees (e.g. Visitors, meeting and workshop participants, etc.) must be arranged through UCAR's contracted travel agency, Boulder Travel, to ensure Fly America Act compliance.
  • Based on guidance from our sponsors, all UCAR supported employee international travel, utilizing a foreign carrier, must include a signed UCAR Fly America Act Waiver from a Professional Travel Agency, including Boulder Travel or any other licensed agency.
  • Based on guidance from our sponsors, UCAR employees and non-UCAR employees cannot certify their own international travel as Fly America compliant.  Non-compliant travel cannot be reimbursed under any circumstances.
  • Mexico and Canada are international travel and international
    travel procedures must be applied.
  • New Guidelines have been provided to assist employees with ensuring compliance with the Fly America Act for all international travel.

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