The Summer Institute for the
NOAA Climate & Global Change & PACE
Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs

13 - 17 July 2014

Sheraton Steamboat Resorts
2200 Village Inn Court
Steamboat Springs, CO  80477
Telephone: 970-879-2220

Meeting Location | Aspen/Boardroom

Sunday | 13 July

6:30 - 7:30 pm Icebreaker | Seven’s Deck  

Monday | 14 July

8:00 am Breakfast Meeting | Aspen Room/Boardroom  
8:30 Logistics/1 minute – 1 slide – participant introductions Mick Follows, Institute Leader


10:30 The Madden-Julian Oscillation in a warmer world Nathan Arnold, Class 23
11:00 The atmosphere's response to climate change: A jet-stream perspective Elizabeth Barnes Keys, Class 22
11:30 Shortwave and longwave radiative contributions to global warming Aaron Donohoe, Class 21
12:00 pm Drought and the carbon cycle: Using plant hydraulics to better predict carbon cycle consequences of drought Bill Anderegg, Class 23
12:30 Adjourn for networking and discussion groups.  

Tuesday | 15 July

8:00 am Breakfast Meeting | Aspen Room/Boardroom  
8:30 Impact of oxidation on the chemistry and optical properties of light absorbing carbonaceous aerosol Eleanor Browne, Class 22
9:00 Space-based spectroscopy: insights into the chemistry of urban and remote atmospheres Lukas Valin, Class 23
9:30 A perspective on the role of data assimilation in geosciences: From estimating seasonal sources and sinks of atmospheric trace gases to improving decadal climate prediction skills Abhishek Chatterjee, Class 22


10:30 Water vapor in the tropical upper troposphere and lower stratosphere Tra Dinh, Class 22
11:00 Representing large-scale turbulence in ocean models Malte Jansen, Class 23
11:30 Probabilistic weather and climate forecasting Nir Krakauer, Class 16
12:00 pm Lunch | On your own  
1:30 Controls on recycling versus export of marine organic matter: Insights from stable isotope approaches Hilary Close, Class 22
2:00 Evaluating the relative importance of suspended and sinking particles to the meso and bathypelagic food webs of the Central North Pacific Brian Popp, University Hawaii, Manoa
2:30 Ice ages and ancient oceans: Insight from fossil foraminifera    Katherine Allen, Class 23


3:30 Windows to past climate change: Reconstructing hydrologic variability in tropical Australasia through the late pleistocene using cave records Michael Griffiths, Class 20
4:00 Progress in Central American dendroclimatology Daniel Griffin, Class 23
4:30 Reconstructing terrestrial environments using oxygen isotopes in biogenic apatite and some thoughts on non-traditional careers in climate research Kate Dennis, Class 21
5:00 Adjourn until Evening Session  

Evening Session

6:00 pm Working Dinner | Aspen Room/Boardroom  
6:30 Ventilation and stratification of the Southwest Pacific Ocean across the last glacial termination Liz Sykes
7:00 Climate change questionnaire and group discussionnation David Battisti
9:00 pm Adjourn  

Wednesday | 16 July

8:00 am Breakfast Meeting | Aspen Room/Boardroom  
8:30 Climate information for applications community projects  Evan Oswald, PACE 2013
9:00 Drought, climate change and water and food security in Syria and Yemen Colin Kelley, PACE 2013


9:50 Precise interhemispheric phasing of the bipolar seesaw during abrupt Dansgaard-Oeschger events Christo Buizert, Class 22
10:20 Tropical Pacific hydrographic variability during the last deglaciation Katherine Wejnert, Class 22
10:50 The Atlantic circumpolar current during the last glacial maximum Jean Lynch-Stieglitz, GIT


11:40 Exploring the consequences of land use change on soil quality and microbial diversity in a tropical agroforestry system Seeta Sistla, Class 23
12:10 pm The influence of food web dynamics and physiological rates on plankton community structure Darcy Taniguchi, Class 23
12:40 Eating your competitor: Mixotrophy and the marine carbon cycle Mick Follows, MIT
1:15 Adjourn until Evening Dinner  

Evening Reception/Dinner

7:00 - 9:00 pm Program wrap-up dinner (outside weather permitting at Sheraton Hotel | Sevens or Sevens Deck  

Thursday | 17 July

8:00 am Breakfast Meeting | Aspen Room/Boardroom  
8:30 The seeds of western water supply: How and when do naturally emitted aerosols enhance Sierra Nevada snowfall Andrew Martin, PACE 2012
9:00 Messing with moisture advection to test an idea about the mysterious Madden-Julian Oscillation Michael Pritchard, Class 21
9:30 Analyzing climate impacts using a low resolution CESM ensemble Ryan Sriver, Class 18
10:00 Interactions between tropical cyclones and the ocean:  Implications at climate timescales Emmanuel Vincent, Class 22


11:00 Atmosphere-biosphere-climate interactions: Enhanced conversion of forest emissions to aerosols Ben Lee, Class 22
11:30 Is the Southern Ocean carbon sink weakening? Nicole Lovenduski, Class 17
12:00 pm Climate, Wildfire and Management as Drivers of Change in Western US Forests Anthony Westerling, UC Merced
12:30 Adjourn | End of Institute  


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