NOAA Climate & Global Change


20th Anniversary Celebration

14-15 April 2011
Washington, DC



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  Altieri, Katye Class 19 Princeton University
  Anderson, Bruce Class 8 Boston University
  Austin, Meg VSP Director UCAR Visiting Scientist Programs
  Back, Larissa Class 17 University of Wisconsin-Madison
  Baltuch, Susan VSP Staff UCAR Visiting Scientist Programs
  Battisti, David Past Steering Comm. / Host University of Washington
  Bertram, Timothy Class 17 University of California, San Diego
  Carbone, Mariah Class 18 University of California
  Chiang, John Class 10 University of California, Berkeley
  Cook, Benjamin Class 17 NASA / Goddard Institute for Space Studies
  Cross, Julie VSP Staff UCAR Visiting Scientist Programs
  Cullen, Heidi Class 9 Climate Central
  Eisenman, Ian Class 18 University of Washington
  Evans, Michael Class 9 University of Maryland
  Farmer, Delphine Class 17 University of Colorado
  Feakins, Sarah Class 16 University of Southern California
  Foster, Ralph Class 8 University of Washington
  Fox-Kemper, Baylor Class 13 CIRES, Univ of Colorado,
  Frierson, Dargan Class 15 University of Washington
  Geiger, Franz Class 8 Northwestern University
  Gildor, Hezi Class 11 Weizmann Institute of Science
  Girton, James Class 11 University of Washington
  Goddard, Lisa Steering Committee/PACE Columbia University
  Griffiths, Michael Class 20 University of California - Irvine
  Heald, Colette Class 15 Colorado State University
  Higgins, Wayne NCEP CPC NCEP Climate Prediction Center
  Johnson, Zackary Class 10 University of Hawaii
  Karspeck, Alicia Class 14 NCAR CGD
  Kaspi, Yohai Class 18 California Institute of Technology
  Koblinsky, Chester Program Sponsor NOAA Climate Program Office
  Koch, Louisa NOAA / USEC / OED NOAA / USEC / OED
  Koutavas, Athanasios Class 12 College of Staten Island, City University of New York
  Krakauer, Nir Class 16 City College of New York
  Levine, Naomi Class 20 Harvard University
  Lin, John Class 14 University of Waterloo
  Lin, Ning Class 20 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Loose, Brice Class 19 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  MacDonald, A.E. (Sandy) NOAA/OAR/FSL NOAA/OAR/FSL
  Mahoney, Kelly PACE - Class 2 NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory
  Maloney, Eric Class 10 Colorado State University
  Mapes, Brian Class 3 University of Miami
  Marinov, Irina Class 14 University of Pennsylvania
  Martin, Scot Class 5 Harvard University
  Maslowski, Wieslaw Class 20 Naval Postgraduate School
  Mera, Roberto PACE - Class 3 Oregon State University
  Millet, Dylan Class 14 University of Minnesota
  Moyer, Elisabeth Class 10 University of Chicago
  Neumann, Rebecca Class 19 Harvard University
  Nevison, Cynthia Class 3 NCAR ACD
  Pendall, Elise Class 7 University of Wyoming
  Pratt, Kerri Class 19 Purdue University
  Revkin, Andrew Guest Speaker Dot Earth blogger, the New York Times, Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies
  Rhew, Robert Class 11 University of California, Berkeley
  Richey, Julie Class 20 University of Washington
  Rose, Brian Class 20 University of Washington
  Sachs, Julian Current Host University of Washington
  Schmidt, Gavin Class 6 Goddard Institute for Space Studies
  Schrag, Daniel Past Steering Committee Harvard  University
  Seager, Richard Class 2 Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
  Seo, Hyodae Class 17 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  Shaman, Jeffrey Class 13 Oregon State University
  Sobel, Adam Class 7 Columbia University
  Somerville, Richard Steering Committee Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  Spring, Margaret NOAA / USEC / ADMIN NOAA / USEC / ADMIN
  Sriver, Ryan Class 18 Pennsylvania State University
  Throop, Heather Class 13 University of New Mexico
  Tierney, Jessica Class 20 Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
  Todd, Jim Program Sponsor NOAA Climate Program Office
  Towler, Erin PACE - Class 3 NCAR CGD
  Tulloch, Ross Class 19 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Verschuren, Dirk Class 6 Ghent University
  Verville, Julia Class 9 ATMOS Research & Consulting
  Wang, Jun Class 15 University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  Wang, Zhengrong Current Host Yale Universiry
  Wilcox, Eric Class 13 NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center
  Wood, Tana Class 17 University of California, Berkeley
  Young, John Steering Committee University of Wisconsin - Madison
  Zhang, Chidong Class 1 University of Miami