Heliophysics Summer School 2008
July 23-30, 2008 Boulder, CO

Space storms and radiation: causes and effects

The second of a three-year NASA-sponsored Heliophysics Summer School will be hosted by the UCAR Visiting Scientist Programs in Boulder, CO, July 23-30, 2008.

diagram of a geo-magnetic storm

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The summer school has two principal aims:

  1. to deepen the appreciation of the basic science of heliophysics for a select group of students as teachers take them through highly interactive seminars and hands-on working groups, and
  2. to produce a series of textbooks from which heliophysics may be taught at universities worldwide.

The three-year program comprises three thematic clusters that together cover the scientific basis of the physical processes that play a role in coupling the Sun's interior to the planetary environments and atmospheres through the vast heliosphere.

The second year of the program will focus on explosive energy conversion and energetic particles. The third year will focus on long-term processes, from the Sun's modulated activity to its influences on the climate systems of the heliosphere, Earth's atmosphere, and planetary environments. The first year covered the plasma physics of the local cosmos, i.e., the science that is uniquely enabled by our existence within an environment of ionized gases. Thus, the three-year program of the summer school encompasses the entire scientific discipline that is now called heliophysics, which was borne out of the need for interdisciplinary research in the context of NASA's Living With a Star (LWS) Program.

Approximately 30 students (chosen from graduate students through first or second year postdoctoral fellows) will be selected each year through a competitive process to participate in the summer school. Each participant will receive air travel, lodging and per diem. Attendants will be selected for the 2008 summer school independent of their participation in 2007.

Drs. Karel Schrijver (Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center) and George Siscoe (Boston University) are the Deans of the summer school. Teachers and guest speakers will be identified by the Deans in the coming months.

The summer school is sponsored by the Living With a Star program of the Heliophysics Division in NASA's Science Mission Directorate. The UCAR Visiting Scientist Programs office administers the summer school.