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Heliophysics Summer School 2015
28 July - 4 August, 2015 - Boulder, CO

Seasons In Space: Cycles of variability of Sun-Planet systems

Deadline is CLOSED


This is a professional development opportunity for teachers to Incorporate heliophysics and astrophysics examples into physics, astronomy and earth science courses.

Three to five teachers will be recruited to attend the Heliophysics Summer School. This is an opportunity for these teachers to work with leading researchers in the field of heliophysics and develop course materials using heliophysics examples to
illustrate important concepts in introductory and upper division physics, astronomy or earth science courses, as well as general science courses.

During the summer school, recruited teachers will be expected to work with the summer school instructors, other educators and each other to outline and draft teaching materials that they can further develop and test during the school year. A strong evaluation plan will be an important part of the expected outcome of this work. The goal is for these materials to be submitted to NASA for product review and hosting on NASA repositories.

Application requirements:

Application materials should include:

Applications may be sent electronically to (UCAR cannot accept *.zip files)

VSP also accepts applications mailed to:

UCAR Visiting Scientist Programs Heliophysics Summer Schools
P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307-3000

For further information, call (303) 497-1605 or e-mail

NASA Living With a Star, Heliophysics Division sponsors this program.