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The host institution and the mentoring scientists(s) play critical roles. Applicants must select a host scientist, who must be different from the candidate's PhD advisor (preferably at a different institution), and coordinate a joint application with the host scientist and institution.

Potential host scientists are required to submit letters of intent and vitas as part of the selection process. Hosts are expected to mentor the fellow, provide a reasonable office environment, which may include a workstation, and any other unique research costs.

Please note that this list is not exclusive. Any U.S. research institution, including universities, government centers, and profit or non-profit organizations may serve as a host institution. If you would like to be included in the database for participating hosts, go to the link below, log in and set up your hosting information. We request that you check back periodically and make sure that your information is up to date. Thank you for your participation in this program.

For details about this program and submission requirements, please go to the Hosting Applications page.


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