Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards

2015 Eddy Fellows

Updated 20-May-2015

Maria de Soria-Santacruz Pich
Seth Dorfman

Chuanfei Dong

  • Project:┬áDeveloping a High-Moment Hybrid-Kinetic Model for Solar Corona and Solar Wind: Heating and Acceleration
  • PhD Institution: University of Michigan, Space Physics and Planetary Science,
  • Host: Amitava Bhattacharjee, Princeton University

Bidya Binay Karak

  • Project:┬áConstructing a Babcock-Leighton Type Solar Dynamo Model Guided by Convection Simulations and Observations
  • PhD Institution: Indian Institute of Science, India, Physics,
  • Host: Mark Miesch, NCAR High Altitude Observatory
Meng Jin
Jan Paral

Elena Provornikova

  • Project: Magnetic Reconnection as the Source of Energetic Seed Particles in the Corona
  • PhD Institution: Russian Academy of Science, Solar Physics, Mechanics of Fluid, Gas and Plasma
  • Host: (John) Martin Laming, Naval Research Laboratory

Chao Yue

  • Project: Empirical Modeling of 3D Storm-Time Ring Current Plasma Pressure and Magnetic Field
  • PhD Institution: University of California, Los Angeles, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
  • Host: Richard Thorne, University of California, Los Angeles


2015 Honorable Mentions

Lisa Upton, University of Alabama, Huntsville
Fan Guo, Los AlamosNational Laboratory
Xiangyun Zhang, University of Michigan
Roxanne Katus, University of Michigan
Zan Li, Dartmouth College
Rona Oran, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alfred Mallet, University of Oxford