Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards

2014 Eddy Fellows

Updated 26-May-2015

Maria de Soria-Santacruz Pich
Seth Dorfman

Seth Dorfman

  • Project:┬áLaboratory and Satellite Study of Alfven Wave Decay in our Sun-Earth System
  • PhD Institution: Princeton University, Plasma Physics
  • Host: Vassilis Angelopoulos & Troy Carter, University of California, Los Angeles

Meng Jin

  • Project:┬áNumerical Simulation of the Solar Sympathetic Events: A Space Weather Perspective
  • PhD Institution: University of Michigan, Space Physics and Scientific Computing
  • Host: Dr. Karel Schrijver, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center
Meng Jin
Jan Paral

Jan Paral

  • Project: A Next Generation Global Kinetic Model for Eartth's Magnetosphere
  • PhD Institution: University of Alberta, Canada, Computational Physics
  • Host: Dr. Michael J. Wiltberger, NCAR High Altitude Observatory

Maria de Soria-Santacruz Pich

  • Project: Global Distribution of Plasmaspheric Hiss Waves and their Role in the Dynamics of Radiation Belt Electrons
  • PhD Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Host: Richard Thorne, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Current Position: Technologist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


2014 Honorable Mentions

Matt Broughton, Dartmouth College
Donald Schmit, Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research