Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards

2010 Eddy Fellows

Updated 26-May-2015
Nicholas Bunch Liang Zhou

Nicholas Bunch

  • Project: Erosion of the Plasmasphere and Implications for the Chorus Acceleration Region
  • PhD Institution: Dartmouth College, Physics and Astronomy
  • Host: Dr. Maria Spasojevic, Stanford University
  • Current Postion: Quantitative Analyst at YouTube


Liang Zhao

  • Project: Understanding the Unusual Solar Minimum and Its Impacts on the Space Weather
  • PhD Institution: University of Michigan, Atmospheric and Space Sciences
  • Host: Dr. Sarah Gibson, National Center for Atmospheric Research, High Altitude Observatory
  • Current Postion: Research Fellow, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Studies, University of Michigan


2010 Honorable Mentions

Eileen Chollet, PhD, University of Arizona, Planetary Sciences

Scott Baalrud, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Engineering Physics

Tzu-Wei Fang, PhD, National Central University, Taiwan, Space Physics

Nicholas Featherstone, PhD, University of Colorado, Astrophysical & Planetary Science

James McCollough, PhD, University of Colorado, Physics